Welcome to Entrepria

We are a training center and coworking space.

Entrepria is a mulit-national business center and co-working space with experts in various

fields, offering business resources for locals and digital nomads


Free training programs offered in the evenings once per month

Paid presentations hosted by Entrepria for co-workers or corporate partners at Entrepria

Paid on-site corporate presentations on various professional topics




Entrepria will file the CV of its co-workers and broker hiring needs for its tenants and surrounding businesses

Many co-workers outsource professional tasks to their peers in co-working spaces

Office Rental

4 private offices available for rent

Special Events

Business movies

Social networking

Business Audio Book reviews and discussion

Meet & Greets events with appetizers and light snacks

Upload your Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

On occasion, local businesses may be in need of identifying certain skills for short term or long term jobs.  By uploading your resume on our Coworking page, we can search our member database and match those companies with the most suitable candidates.

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Jerry Paz

Jerry Paz

Entrepreneur & Co-founder, Entrepria

“I know that Entrepreneurship can be hard and lonely at times.  I’ve been there.  That’s why I created Entrepria–to serve as a launchpad for success.  Looking forward to meeting you”

Tony Patrick

Tony Patrick

Entrepreneur & Coach, US Laser

“Over the last 10 years I have founded and automated several businesses.  Being free from the constraints of time and location has offered the creative space to work with talented people from different cultures.  I am excited to share ideas and connect with my new friends in Monastir.”

Entrepria's Vision

At Entrepria we strive to fill our seats with friends, co-workers, and office-based businesses. Our office is staffed by locals and Buisness leaders from around the world.  We have come together to form a customized work environment for local professionals and digital nomads.

If you are a seasoned business, we invite you to make Entrepria your home, and explore the influx of talent, hard work, and desire that makes up your co-working space to fill your current or future hiring needs.

Enrepria is a place where emerging businesses can develop and manage their resources of time and profit to reinvest in the growth of its patrons.

If you are an entrepreneur, this co-working space offers you an environment to spark creativity and leverage your peers to mulitply your potential for growth into your desired area of business. Outdoor and indoor space is available.

Our goal is to attract and develop leaders in the community who can influence organizational growth.

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